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ULTRAPURE WATER journal and INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT magazines are published exclusively in digital format and can only be accessed on-line.  THEY ARE NO LONGER PUBLISHED IN PAPER FORM.  Please check these answers to the most commonly asked questions.  If these do not answer your question, then please contact us directly by email.

Can I receive ULTRAPURE WATER journal and INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT by mail in paper form?

How do we register if we want to read these magazines online?
Is it free or must we subscribe?
How do I subscribe or Renew my Subscription?

I cannot access the Digital Edition
You must allow Pop Ups
Landing pages do not show the images of the magazine's front page
Do I need to install Silverlight?
2-Page view on monitor
Each time I turned the page, I had to put in my Email address and password.
I can't see the issues prior to the last 12 issues.

Printing out the magazine
Saving magazine as a PDF file
Printing out the magazine
The Printouts do not look right.  Part of the page is missing
The menu window is superimposed on the pages
E-Mailing article to colleagues

Can I receive ULTRAPURE WATER journal and INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT by mail in paper form? Effective January 2009 ULTRAPURE WATER journal is only published in digital format.  INDUSTRIAL WATER Treatment magazine is also published exclusively online. At the present time anyone can access the current edition of either publication provided they are registered.  However, this free edition does not permit printing or or viewing the archive issues.  You need to become a Premier Subscriber (Paid Subscriber) in order to have these privileges.  Please follow the "SUBSCRIBE" links on the home pages in order to subscribe.

How do we register if we want to read these magazines online? Is it free or must we subscribe? Anyone can access the current issue once registered as a subscriber.  You must also be a Premier Subscriber in order to access the past issues (back to 2008) and to be able to print pages. Just follow the SUBSCRIBE links from the home pages and apply for a free subscription.  After you register and login you can also easily upgrade online to a Premier Subscription so that you can access the past issues and be able to print. As a Premier Subscriber you will also be able to read the magazines in high resolution on your iPad or Android tablets.

How do I subscribe or Renew my Subscription? If you already have an a Password, then login with your email address.  Follow instructions for renewing with a credit card by going to the ZenCart online store, or print out a form which you can then mail in with payment..
I cannot access the current edition nor the Premier site,  what is going on?  Most likely you work for a large corporation with a large IT Department and they have set extremely high security settings on your internet access.  Have them designate this site as a "Trusted" site.

I can access the digital edition sites, but the landing pages do not show the images of the magazine's front page.  How can I proceed to view the issue? We are finding that when people have their network security set too high, most of the time they are unable to see the cover images as well as the images inside the digital edition. This is very common in corporate environments where the network is locked down with very strict security.

I'm told that my browser has to allow Pop-Ups in order to view the magazine.  I don't want to have unwanted and annoying pop-up ads when I access web pages.  These magazine's web site does not have pop-up ads.  The only pop-up is the magazine itself,  You can set your browser to just allow pop-ups on this site and deny others.

Why do I need to install Silverlight on my computer in order to view the magazine?  Actually, you do not need to do that. Silverlight provides readers with a richer experience – with page flipping and more movement.  It has significant advantages with the introduction of rich media – like video, etc. which makes it the best choice for publications introducing elements into the digital edition. The Digital Anywhere version is purely browser based so pages just materialize, etc.  It therefore cannot have rich media features, like video, etc (such elements would need to be based in Flash or Silverlight). Both have the same features available. 

Any chance of making the magazine a 2-page view with full screen?  If you find it difficult to read the digital magazine– can’t make it go full-screen and it’s either too small to read comfortably, or too large & one loses the overall layout & must scroll around endlessly, the problem is most likely with with your monitor and/or video card.  On my screen it's 2 pages across. I have a 19" flat panel display with 1440 x 900 resolution. There is nothing we can do on our end to resolve this problem. It's all up to your equipment configuration.

Each time I turned the page, I had to put in my Email address and password. Then I had to click OK 3 times for each page.  Is this normal? This has been reported on rare occasions when a reader leaves the issue open for extended lengths of time and then tries to turn pages.  The way to correct is simply to hit F5 to refresh the session.  We are aware of it and are planning to put an update in place to prevent this from happening to anyone.

I can't see the issues prior to the last 12 issues. Reaching the past issues is simple.  Log in, and then click on the cover page on the home page. At that point you should see cover images of the current year's issues. You will see more tabs allowing you to access the issues back to January 2008.

Printing out the magazine.  The first thing is to make sure is that you are a Premier Subscriber.  You must first log in with your email address and your password.  Once you do this your subscription will be acknowledged.  If your subscription is expired you will be able to renew online.  After you are verified, from the homepage, click on the Front Cover image of the magazine and you will be sent to the digital edition.  Just click on the Print tab and print out the pages you wish to print.  For optimal results you should print to a PostScript printer and scale the page size by approximately 40% to fill the page.

The Printouts do not look right.  Part of the page is missing
.  The problem is not with the ULTRAPURE WATER or aINDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT's website.  The problem of the images being too big and the right side of the page getting cut off actually has to do with the browser, the printer and the drivers on the computer doing the printing.  As all printers and internet browsers vary,  there’s no way to guarantee that the digital images we use are going to print out correctly for everyone. We’ve done extensive testing to ensure that the majority of the printers and browsers will handle the images correctly, but there’s always some combinations that don’t quite fit well. Try changing browsers first. If Internet Explorer does not print right, then try Foxfire or Chrome. We also recommend that before you print the pages, that you go into the print options for your specific printer and look for a “scale to page” or “fit to page” option and check that box first. This will make the image fit on a single page each time. If you don’t have those options, there may be other options to scale the page size down. For example, if you can print to a PDF file,  then scale the page to a standard page on a PDF file, and print that PDF file out to your printer.

I cannot save a PDF copy of an article and cannot even print out the pages... You can if you are a Premier Subscriber and login to access the Premier site.  You cannot print pages if you just look at the free current edition. The digital format is not just another way to distribute the magazine as an alternative to paper by snail mail. It allows more interaction with hyperlinks and gives greater exposure for our advertisers. If there were no advertisers, you would not be able to read this magazine without having to pay an exorbitant subscription fee.  Distribution of PDF files stripped of ads or B&W copies of pages containing ads do not do justice to the color ads advertisers pay to have put in our magazine.  If you are a Premier Subscriber you can print out the pages to paper or to a PDF file (if you have the Acrobat Writer installed in your computer).  But then, why would you want to print out an article and file it somewhere if you can access it digitally anytime from anywhere that has internet connectivity? If you want to distribute an article to an unlimited number of associates or customers you can easily email the link with the Share feature. This is something that cannot be done with a paper copy--or permitted (because of copyright restrictions) with a PDF file.

I am a Premier Subscriber, but when I print out a page it is too small to read.  The pages on the digital edition are smaller than the common 8-1/2 x 11 inch paper size in order to accommodate the monitor size for proper viewing.  You can correct for this by scaling the printing to 140%, or an appropriate value for your printer.  Please note that not all printers allow scaling, and the quality of the print is a function of the printer used.  If you print directly to a printer and the results are not satisfactory, then print first to create a PDF file and then print to the printer from the PDF file.

How do I email the link to an article to my list of contacts? I tried to send email to myself with the SHARE feature to have to forward as needed. When the email came I couldn't click on the link to bring the page up. Don't know how to "put in a browser."  Answer: You don't need to email the link to yourself first. The SHARE option gives you the link in a box titled "Copy the link below into your Blog".  Copy and paste it into your email, web page, or blog. Important.  If you are NOT a Premier Subscriber and you share a link from the current issue, the link will no longer work after the new issue comes out.  It will still work if you SHARE as a Premier Subscriber.

The menu window is superimposed on the pages. This usually happens with the Opera browser (as they security settings don’t allow our print to operate properly.) Also we’ve seen it happen when users try to double click on the print button, or click on it once to print but click on it again before print finishes loading. Basically it takes focus from the print window and puts it back in the digital edition so it prints a screenshot of the digital edition. We recommend just refreshing the digital edition and only clicking on the print button once and waiting.

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